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We Make a Real Difference, So You Can Too.

When you bring in a consulting firm to help your organization, you want to know it will be effective. Insight Unlimited LLC’s work with non-profits, grassroots organizations, and communities makes a real difference:

Real Change

A senior center thought they could never get long-term members to accept newcomers. The day after Insight Unlimited facilitated a 3-day community meeting, newer and older members began working together to implement inclusive policies and find a new building large enough for all.

Real Collaboration

In one state, over 40 peace organizations were working separately on the same issues. At a one-day founding meeting facilitated by Insight Unlimited, these 40 organizations created a unified statewide network, which is active and vibrant 5 years later.

Real Dialog

Who thought that urban teenagers and police officers could find common ground? At the end of a community conversation facilitated by Insight Unlimited, Hartford, Connecticut teenagers and police officers agreed to promote the shared values of respect and community development across the city.

Real Outcomes

A youth job-training program had internal conflict and an abysmal 26% graduation rate. After a team-building day with Insight Unlimited, the staff worked as one to nearly triple their retention rate in 6 months.

Get Real. Real change, real collaboration, real dialog, and real outcomes, with Insight Unlimited. Call now for a free consultation.

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