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About Us

About Us

The Story of Insight Unlimited


Alice and Grace met in 1989 when they were student activists at the University of Connecticut. Alice was immediately impressed by Grace’s combination of big dreams and solid action—Grace put her innovative, far-reaching ideas for how to better serve the hungry and homeless into action. Grace was immediately impressed with Alice’s intelligence and compassion.

The two became friends and stayed in touch over the years. As they supported each other on their parallel quests to improve the world, Grace and Alice noticed that whenever they were together they augmented each other’s creativity, optimism, and insightful problem-solving abilities. They also noticed that they both tended to fall into the pattern of helping their organizations change for the better, set direction, and get talking. They practiced these skills in their careers, as activist volunteers and in their personal lives. (In fact, they sometimes had meetings together just for fun.)

Launching the Firm

When Alice conceived the idea, in 2001, to start a consulting firm to use these skills to help non-profits make the world a better place, she knew Grace Potts was the right partner to take this vision into action. Together, they could do for a living what they do best—bring organizations better meetings, better planning, and better teamwork—and at the same time use their skills as a leverage point for social change. In 2002, Insight Unlimited began helping non-profits, grassroots organizations, and community initiatives move past the barriers that block them and take advantage of the opportunities before them.

A lot has changed since then. Yet Insight Unlimited’s impetus to foster social change by supporting those who make it happen remains at the center of what Alice and Grace do.

Insight Unlimited in Action

Insight Unlimited has helped dozens of organizations become more effective. Using a range of techniques and strategies to effect change, Insight Unlimited helps nonprofits and community organizations set their own direction, collaborate, find agreement, and take action. Roadblocks fall. Priorities get clarified. Staff, boards, and volunteers build renewed energy and commitment. Insight Unlimited makes a real difference by producing real results.

"Alice helped us focus our strategic planning retreat to get to the big ideas in a concrete way. She is a great meeting facilitator and really helped to make our limited meeting time more effective."
—Michelle Doucette Cuningham, Executive Director Connecticut After School Network

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