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The Story of Our Logo

Insight Unlimited's logo

We often get asked about the two women on our business cards. It’s a reproduction of the painting, La Luna Mujer ("Moon Woman") by Alejandro Canales, which we use with permission from the Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance. We chose this image because it shows two women looking out into infinity, a symbol of unlimited insight.

One year after we began using the logo, Alice read a story called, "The Girl With The Moon on Her Forehead," in the book, The Wonder of Girls by Michael Gurion, reprinted here with permission. This story also represents insight, with a focus on the kind of insight that can only be found within oneself.

Although the story is Hindu and the painting is Nicaraguan, they both seem to tell the same story, and both represent our work.

The Girl With the Moon on Her Forehead

There is an ancient Hindu story of a girl with the moon on her forehead, a magical child who lives with her people in a seaside town. She must be kept alive so that the moon will be happy. In this story, if the moon is unhappy, human beings suffer. The moon is as important as the sun, for while the sun’s light gives life to plants and people during the day, the moon’s light illumes the night, and it is the night that most frightens, and most intrigues.

One day this girl disappears, and everyone in the town stops work, banding together to find her. They search throughout the bordering forest, the mountains, the sea. They search every home, every dark well, every cave, every dream. They ask the animals and the fish where the magical girl could be hiding, or if harm has come to her. An elephant tells them she can be found not in the sea, but inland.

One day, a young fisherman of the village, who has given up fishing to search for her, happens upon a cave hidden far away in the forest. At its mouth is a huge tree. After peering into the cave and seeing nothing except dirt and moist walls, he rests under the tree. He sleeps for an hour or so as night comes, cloudy and thus empty of a moon. When he awakens, he lights his torch and knows he must choose between going onward along the path into the forest, or going into the cave. A little frightened, he nonetheless enters the cave, and upon moving inward he sees both an underground stream and a light far within. He moves along the stream to the light and there sees an old crone at a fire beside the stream, and with her the magical girl.

"You’re alive!" he exclaims. "We have all been worried sick about you! We thought you drowned, or got lost!"

The old crone invites him into the circle of the fire.

"You must come back to your people," he admonishes the girl.

"I will return, but not for a while," she responds. "I have things to learn here."

"What things?" he asks.

"I am free here. I will learn what a woman truly is."

As this is a very intriguing subject for him as well, and seeing that he cannot force her back to the village, he says, "perhaps I will stay and learn this too. Perhaps I will carry water for you here, or do some other work."

Kindly, the old crone shakes her head. "If you will wait outside at the tree of life, she will bring the water to you."

And the girl says,"I won’t be long. Please wait for me."

The young man leaves the cave, finds the tree, and sits under it patiently. A day goes by, then another moonless night, then another day. Days and nights pass until he is ready to go to the village and bring all the villagers here, or ready to go back into the cave after the girl. Just at the moment of his supreme impatience, the girl emerges from the cave, carrying a pail of water. She looks like a woman now. And in the heavens, the moon has returned.

"We can return to the people now." She smiles, taking the young man’s arm and offering him a drink.

Startled by her beauty, he asks, "Does your beauty come from your increased age, or does it come from knowledge?"

"From knowledge." She smiles. "Now I know who I am."

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