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Philosophy and Methods

Our mission is to bring your mission to life. As individuals and as a firm, we are dedicated to enabling social justice, and we believe strong organizations and empowered communities are best able to achieve that.

We respect your organization. We believe in you and we know you can do what needs to be done. Perhaps you need a structure to work in, or a push to get started. Whatever support you might need to move in the right direction, we have faith that the knowledge to get where you're going resides with you and the system you work within. We set up these structures, then we get out of your way and let you do your own work.

We believe in not only the leaders of an organization or community, but in everyone involved. Line staff, volunteers, clients, and community members all have their piece of wisdom about what an organization or community needs to do.

At the same time, change is difficult. If your problems were easy to solve, you would have solved them by now. We work to get the whole system in the room so you can have a new conversation. We take you to the deepest place of understanding to allow real connection and change. Beyond the facts and opinions that keep people stuck and divided, there are universal needs and values that enable healing, transformation, common ground, and joint action. Insight Unlimited takes groups to that place so they can find their deepest wisdom about how to make the world a better place.

"Alice Leibowitz came to the Shelter for Women to do a "Stages of Change" workshop. The Shelter for Women had been through some major organizational changes in the past few years. Alice's workshop was very healing. It provided open communication around difficult issues. I wish we could have one every month!"
—Gilda Roncari, Development Director, the Shelter for Women

"This is the first time anyone has asked what we [front-line staff] think. It’s very gratifying!"
—Social Worker in a large state agency, after an Appreciative Inquiry retreat with Insight Unlimited

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