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Affordable Services for Slow Economic Times

Insight Unlimited: Affordable Services for Slow Economic Times

Due to the shrinking economy and its effect on non-profit budgets, we
have developed a variety of $200, $500, and $2,000 services.

$ 200 Services:

• Stakeholder Brainstorm: Prepare for a collaborative project by figuring out who needs to be in the room. Who has authority, resources, information, expertise, and/or need?
• Conflict Coaching: Sort out your concerns about a conflict and prepare to talk to the other person.

$500 Services:

• Stages of Change Training: Learn about the different stages organizations go through during times of change. Includes the theory of Non-Profit Life-Cycles.
• Roles Clarification Exercise: Work with your board and staff to reduce ambiguity, micromanagement, and under-involvement by clarifying who should do what in your organization.
• Mediation: We’ll help two parties to a conflict understand each other and find a solution they can both agree on. (A simple mediation will cost $500; mediating a more complex conflict may cost more.)
• Asset Mapping: Discover the many resources your organization already has, and think about how you can draw on those resources to meet your needs.

$2000 Services:

• Short-Term Fund Development Strategy: If your old fund development methods aren’t working, we’ll spend eight hours with you to help you develop a new fund-raising approach for your next three months.
• 6 hour Appreciative Inquiry Retreat: An inspiring way to identify and build on your strengths. Bring your organization together to remember moments of glory, create a shared picture of your organization at its best, and think about ways to replicate your success moving forward.
• Team-building Day: Turn a potential team into a real team by finding your purpose in the organization and the performance goals you plan to strive for together.

And we wanted to remind you of our most effective, comprehensive
Service, Future Search.

• Future Search: Transform your organization by overcoming obstacles that have kept you blocked for years. Develop consensus among competing factions and create buy-in into a shared vision. A Future Search will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 depending on agency size. Click on our “Services” link for more information.

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