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Finding Agreement: Consensus-Building Services

"People spend 80% of the time arguing about the 20% of things they disagree on."
—Marvin Weisbord

People who work together often have different personalities, experiences, and perspectives. Differences can lead to tension and conflict, draining morale and leaving team members working at cross-purposes. Or, effectively channeled, differences can be an asset. People with complementary skills and opinions working together cooperatively can enhance creativity, problem-solving, and overall organizational effectiveness.


Insight Unlimited’s teambuilding and conflict resolution services can help integrate your organization’s diverse perspectives to create unity and a more richly informed vision. When each point of view is considered, the group can find ways to do great work together while meeting everyone’s needs.

Insight Unlimited’s consensus-building services allow organizations to:

  • Turn ineffective meetings into productive sessions.
  • Resolve conflict among your staff, board or volunteers.
  • Find common ground among diverse stakeholders.
  • Get buy-in from your staff, board, and volunteers on your organization’s future.
  • Create a sense of team within your organization.

Case Study: Senior Center

A senior center was having difficulty as more baby boomers began using the space and long-term members began to feel invaded. Conflict was becoming more and more overt, and staff were at their wit’s end.

Insight Unlimited brought together members of both groups, as well as town staff and other community members, to discuss the future of the organization and find common ground. Participants realized that they agreed on being welcoming toward all and looking for a larger space. Within one day, diverse committees founded at the Insight Unlimited-led session began taking action toward these goals.

"The communication and team-building tools provided by Insight Unlimited showed us ways to communicate better as a team, allowing us to tap into our strengths and overcome our deficiencies."
—Kevin Brown, YouthBuild Director, Co-opportunity

"I felt a sense of closeness for the first time in a meeting/training in all my 8 years at [organization]."
—Participant in an in-service training led by Insight Unlimited

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