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Moving Forward Together: Collaboration and Community Initiatives

"All of us are smarter than any one of us."
—Douglas Merrill, after Satchel Paige

Are you trying to tackle a problem which is bigger than just your organization? Many of the issues society faces these days are complex and systemic. Non-profits recognize the need to collaborate, but often need support bringing diverse players together for a productive conversation.

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Insight Unlimited can help you design and facilitate collaborative planning meetings and community conversations that get people talking to each other who never have. A systems approach can unlock issues that have been stuck for decades.

Insight Unlimited’s collaboration-building services allow you to:

  • Form partnerships with other organizations.
  • Engage your community.
  • Coordinate grassroots and community initiatives.
  • Coordinate services.
  • Host a community dialog on a controversial issue.

Case study: Statewide Peace Network

Political activism in a Midwestern state had seen a significant increase since the beginning of the second Gulf War. However, activists continually found themselves working at cross purposes, and seeing collaborative opportunities after the fact.

Insight Unlimited designed and facilitated a one-day meeting of 120 peace activists from across the state. This meeting was the founding of a state-wide network of peace activism, where no such affiliation previously existed. Insight Unlimited developed the meeting structure and focused the agenda, coordinated and trained a team of facilitators to manage small groups during the meeting, and assisted in developing the new organization’s governing body.

The result was a vibrant, active network that continues to affect peace activism throughout the state.

"We talk a lot about collaboration. This was collaboration through action."
—Hyacinth Douglas Bailey, Board member, Connecticut After School Network

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